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And our limited edition FIG token

Among other products on our own blockchain available for you.


Be part of Fig & Grape

Step into your evolution in the crypto market and have access to exclusive benefits!

  • With the FIG TOKEN you will be able to enter our platforms of the marketplace of Tokens and NFTs.
  • You will have access to projects of the market such as Real Estate, energy, music, sports, and much more!
  • You will become part of the Fig & Grape world with the opportunity to get limited editions of NFTs of your favorite artists.


Phase 1 | Q4 2021

Launching the v1 Fig Marketplace (Token) and v1 Grape Marketplace (NFT).
  • Launching the International Businesses and Artists’ NFTs to boost the consumption of services.
  • Launching of our own limited edition NFTs.
  • Launching of our own FIG Token to add value to project (PancakeSwap).

Phase 2 | Q1 2022

Staking of FIG Token.
  • Integration with traditional means of payment (Visa, Mastercard).
  • Development of Fig & Grape social network, enabling their users to interact with each.

Phase 3 | Q2 2022

Launching of our app.
  • Development of our own wallet.

Phase 4 | Q3 2022

External audit of Fig & Grape
  • Launching of v2 Fig Marketplace (Token) and v2 Grape Marketplace (NFT).
  • Addition of new blockchains to generate NFTs and Tokens.

Phase 5 | Q4 2022

Launching of NFT game of Fig & Grape.
  • List of international exchanges (Binance, coinbase).

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